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cheeseburger with fries

it started because of that cb

What started out as a desire to satisfy the cravings of a hungry, pregnant wife during the pandemic led to the decision to share with you all our love for Cheeseburgers.

But instead of heading out to buy from restaurants, the idea crept up: ”Why not make a burger from scratch instead of tapao-ing?”

Thus began the original journey of creating a burger that was pure, fuss-free and suited to our local taste buds. 

And After:

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Satisfied Wife


Smelly Kitchen

We created our very own CB

A simple no frills CB that aims to satisfy your cravings. A CB that bursts out with local flavour. 

Our CB focuses on offering only “no gimmick” homemade cheeseburgers, which come with “flame-grilled smoky handmade beef patties” layered with lettuce, tomatoes and a slice of cheddar between toasted buns.

close up of cheeseburgers

Media Mentions

Sia la, we are famous!

The place we call NBCB

With its success as a home-based business, NBCB has evolved to become what may be Singapore’s very own burger chain. With a menu crafted and affirmed by our home-based customers, you will enjoy a burger that bursts with local heritage at every bite.


With its flagship store located at the heart of Singapore, NBCB is looking to be a breath of fresh air in our local F&B space. Our goal is to partner with primarily local brands and empower our employees. Every burger allows not only NBCB to thrive, but also support our employees and partners.

Operating Hours


MON- SUN 11:30AM – 9:30PM


MON- SUN 11:30AM – 9:30PM


Welcome To NBCB

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